Honor Code

The College of Social Science Honor Code applies to all citizens of the College.

We, the College of Social Science Spartans, in order to meet our responsibility to each other within the broader Michigan State University community and to align student and faculty professionalism in order to create an atmosphere for free and open exchange of ideas adopt this Honor Code to uphold the following values:

To respect individual and group diversity
We have much to learn from one another

To take pride in the university community
This is our home, not only our school

To work together to uphold the value of excellence
We hold ourselves and colleagues to a higher standard

To take accountability of one's own actions
Our integrity is worth more than our grade

To ensure that no individual has an unfair academic or personal advantage over another
Everyone's grade must reflect their work not their relationships with faculty or other students

We the faculty, students, and administration of the College of Social Science expect that these values will be demonstrated inside and outside of the classroom, and will be internalized and upheld in our lives beyond our time at MSU.

In the College of Social Science, allegations of academic dishonesty are taken very seriously. The procedures of the College and University are designed to ensure that our ideals are upheld for all members of our community when other efforts to resolve disputes have been exhausted. Information about “Student Rights and Responsibilities” is available to you in several places, including at Spartan Life Online.

The Office of the Ombudsperson at Michigan State University provides a wide range of resources to enable students to learn their rights and responsibilities. Those resources are available here.

As new members of our community of scholars, we ask you to join us in learning and understanding, and abiding by, the norms that guide us as a community.

Best wishes for success in your academic career at Michigan State University and in the College of Social Science.

Steven Kautz
Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs