Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor


The interdisciplinary minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies is available as an elective to all students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. Students completing the minor will gain knowledge and skills essential for: understanding the biological and physical environment that is inhabited and influenced by humans; managing complex interactions between humans and natural systems; understanding how policy-making impacts and shapes environmental and sustainability outcomes. The College of Natural Science is the primary administrative unit for the minor with support from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Eli Broad College of Business, College of Engineering, and College of Social Science.

Students who have declared the intent to complete the minor or who have declared a major preference for one of the bachelor’s degree programs in the above listed colleges may elect to live in residence and participate in the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE). Students who elect this option will be housed in Bailey Hall in the Brody Neighborhood. This integrated living-learning program allows for students from multiple colleges and disciplines to develop a sense of community and promotes a team approach to managing complex problems.

With prior written approval from the RISE Coordinator, another course may be substituted for a course from the list of approved courses. Before a student requests a substitution, the student should consult with their academic advisor to ensure that the substitution will not adversely affect the requirements for their degree program. Upon completion of the requirements for the minor, the RISE coordinator will verify completion through the Office of the Registrar degree audit system once the student has applied for graduation. The Office of the Registrar will enter on the student’s academic record the name of the minor and the date of completion. This certification will appear on the student’s transcript.

For more information, visit the RISE Web Site.