Social Science Student Intern Profiles

The College of Social Science is a leader in Michigan State University Study Away Programs, providing internship experiences to nearly 100 students each year in cities such as Washington, DC, New Orleans, San Francisco and Honolulu. These experiences are important to our students, and you can learn more about them by reading the profiles linked below.

Meet our Washington, D.C. Interns! Click on the photos to learn more!


 Breanna Bishop
Human Rights Campaign




Andrew Koprowski
Office of Senator Stabenow



Mark Jones
Center for American Progress



 Hannah Deindorfer
The Association of American Geographers


Meet our New Orleans Intern! Click on the photos to learn more!


Haley Distelrath 

LSU Interim Trauma Hospital


Meet our Hawaii Intern! Click on the photos to learn more!


Taylor DeBerry
KCAA Motherice Preschool





Meet our San Francisco Intern! Click on the photo to learn more!


Brandi Skanes
DSM Biomedical