Why students love
The College of Social Science!

From the variety of academic programs, to opportunities to work directly with expert faculty, to an unparalleled collegiality among students, the College of Social Science has a lot to offer. You can focus your studies in areas of interest to you. You can find - and sometimes define for yourself - real world problems on which you can focus.

"As our population becomes more diverse and our economy becomes more globally integrated, Americans' quality of life increasingly depends on understanding the human dimensions that can better sustain our environment, promote public health, maintain a robust economy, reduce conflict and advance democracy." National Science Foundation (2013)

In the College of Social Science at Michigan State University, we take that statement even further, understanding that our work impacts people not only in America but around the world. But don't take our word for it. Learn about the benefits of majoring in the social science from College of Social Science students themselves.


Walton_Tristyn_outdoors2_sm.jpgTristyn Walton
Interdisciplinary Studies and Public Policy
Spring 2019


"I really appreciate Michigan State’s College of Social Science because the college allows me to be very fluid in my interests and passions. I value how the college brings together a very diverse selection of students with a broad base of interests, focuses, and unique perspectives."




Elisa Obregón

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

"I absolutely love being a Social Science student as well as a part of the IDS major because it allows me to combine a majority of my interests, with the most obvious being people and their minds. Our college (and major) unites students with different and unique perspectives, making room for diversity and creating a community of people eager to learn from each other."


Sean CampbellSean_Campbell_DSAC_student.jpg

Urban and Regional Planning

"Being a student of the College of Social Science means being part of a community that strives to unravel the intricacies of the human experience. Through extensive exploration, research, and application, students in the college develop an understanding of how their program of study can influence and be influenced, and how it can serve as a nexus between other disciplines. As a student of the Urban and Regional Planning program, I have learned through my professors and colleagues the rewards of improving the social and physical qualities across different environments, whether they be local or global."


Lennie Pennisi

Social Work

"I enjoy the professors and students involved in the College of Social Science. Each person whether in class or out of class brings an unique perspective and a rich environment. There is so much to learn and so much to do in the College of Social Science. The classes are always interesting and you will find a topic/subject that suits you well."


Jared Logan


"Being in the College of Social Science, I am privileged to study all of my favorite topics, focusing on the past, the present and the future. It is not always cut and dry like adding one and two together to get three, but more along the lines of when events occur, where and why they happen, and what are we going to do as a result. It is this complexity that compels me to study the social sciences, especially geography!"


Micaela ProcopioMicaela_Procopio_DSAC_student.jpg


"I love being a history major, and when I tell people my major it's usually looks followed by responses of 'that's not a very secure career.' But being a history major isn't about security. To me, being a history major means that I get to go out into the world and educate people about something I love and something I'm passionate for. I believe that if we all understood our history a little bit better, we'd create a better future. The way I see it, I'm going to help pave that future."


Blake Bass


"My favorite part about being in the College of Social Science is its ability to apply to any major, person, and-or job in some way. I think it is awesome that I can have a class with a mechanical engineer and get their point of view on a topic in Anthropology. That after all is a big part of Anthropology, the ability to accept any culture, person, or thing and try to understand it the best way possible."


Kaitlyn McCulloughKaitlyn_McCullough_DSAC_student.jpg

Criminal Justice

"I'm a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice. I enjoy being apart of the College of Social Science and the School of Criminal Justice because there are vast opportunities for students to get involved with their academics and their interests. For example, within the Psychology class, professors allow students to participate in experiments to facilitate learning of various aspects of the Psychological field, and there is the Criminal Justice Association which allows students to meet peers that share their own interests and enable them to voice their opinion, as well as many more opportunities. MSU allows their students in all fields of study to expand their knowledge, and that why I enjoy being a student in this College and School."


Tess Kilian


"The thing I enjoy most about being a part of the College of Social Science is the opportunities the college provides for its students. I participated in a Sociology study abroad program in Greece and Turkey. This was the best experience I have had in my time at Michigan State University, and I thank the College of Social Science and the Department of Sociology for the opportunity to be a part of it!"


Ilana WoronoffIlana_Woronoff_small_DSAC_student.jpg

Human Development & Family Studies

"After spending my freshman year and half of my sophomore year at Michigan State as a 'no preference student,' I was extremely excited to declare Human Development & Family Studies as my major during my fourth semester! I love being an HDFS major because the classes are not limited to HDFS students and therefore the students in various majors taking these classes bring in different perspectives that you would not get otherwise."


Allie Fox

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

"IDS is the perfect major for me since I am interested in studying all of the disciplines within the College of Social Science. It is a major that allows individuals to solve any issue or problem with the use of all the disciplines within the social sciences. You are able to use them cyclically to determine how each one interacts with another to come to a well-rounded conclusion. IDS has also allowed me to personalize my degree so that it is the perfect fit for me and my future."


Gabriel Lotarski


"Being in the College of Social Science has opened my eyes to a wide new spectrum of thinking and interacting. It has helped me in seeing people as not just another person, but rather an individual with their own experiences. The College of Social Science has changed my perception of people and circumstance."