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Office of Student Affairs

What we do and who we are.

The College of Social Science Office of Student Affairs and Services is a central source of information and assistance for students in all departments and schools in the College. Academic Specialists are available to answer questions concerning College and University programs such as study abroad and internship preparation, to interpret college requirements, to explain academic policies and procedures, and to refer students to appropriate resources across the University. Additionally, students experiencing difficulties are encouraged to come to this office for assistance.

The Office of Student Affairs is here to help!  Our knowledgeable staff can assist with academic matters, point to resources, and answer questions.  We are located in 201 Berkey Hall.

Some areas we can help with:

  • Major changes
  • Enrollment corrections
  • Enrollment waivers
  • Dean’s Drop (dropping a course after the middle of a semester)
  • Withdrawals (meaning you want to drop everything in which you are enrolled for the current semester)
  • Medical Withdrawals
  • Appeal academic actions such as recess or dismissal
  • Other actions requiring college-level approval (such as permission to enroll in more than 20 credits during a semester or requesting permission to exceed 20 credits of repeat)
  • General questions


Student Affairs and Services Staff

201 Berkey Hall
(517) 355-6676

Walter Hawthorne, Associate Dean
Michael Connelly, Assistant Dean
Veda Hawkins, Assistant Director
Samantha Hughes, Assistant Director
Jeanne Kalin, Executive Secretary II
Cindy Lou Martin, Office Assistant III