Spring 2018 PhD Graduates

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A special ceremony was held for PhD graduates on May 4, 2018 at the Kellogg Center. MORE PHOTOS.

Here are the Spring 2018 PhD graduates along with dissertation titles: 


Claiborne, Deon – “Discourses, Coalitions, and Durable Identities: Narratives of Lawmaking and Regulation of Clinical Trials in Costa Rica”

Geske, Nicole – “The Life and Death of Bone: A Regional Approach to the Interpretation of Fragmented and Culturally Modified Oneota Human Remains”

Kooiman, Susan – “A Multiproxy Analysis of Culinary, Technological, and Environmental Interactions in the Northern Great Lakes Region”

Mattes, Seven – “Animals Left Behind: Multispecies Vulnerability in Post-3-11 Japan”

Richards, Fayana – “Mothering Again: Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren in Detroit”

Streetman, Emily – “Social Organization in Medieval Upper Numbia Using Nonmetric Traits of the Skull”

Vogelsburg, Caitlin – “Increasing Identifications of Deceased Border Crossers: Investigating Spatial and Skeletal Attributes of Migrant Deaths”

Criminal Justice

Peacock, Robert – “Applying Tyler’s Process-Based Model of Legitimacy in a Developing Country”


Boldarieva, Olga – “Essays in Labor Economics”

Chou, Andy – “Three Essays on Labor Economics”

Garlati Bertoldi, Pablo – “Essays on Informal Labor Markets in Developing Countries”

Joshi, Riju – “Control Function Methods in Applied Econometrics”

Kho, Kevin – “Three Essays in Education Policy”

Kim, Hyunsoo – “Essays in Industrial Organization”

Kim, Soo Jin – “The Essays on Market Competition on the Internet”

Melnik, Walter – “Essays in Local Public Finance”

Parsons, Sarajane – “Essays on Medicaid and Family Structure”

Schaffer, Matthew – “Three Essays on Monetary Policy”

Yang, Yimin – “Three Essays on Econometrics”

Zhou, Hang – “Essays in Demand Estimation”

Geography, Environment & Spatial Sciences

Barry, Fatoumata – “Flooding Oil: Investigating Poor Health Outcomes in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria”

Credit, Kevin – “Economic Development for the 21st Century: How proximity to transit and walkability influence business creation and performance”

Ddumba, Saul – “The Impact of Climate Change and Variability on Sweet Potato Production in East Africa”

Eckert, Jeanette – “An Analysis of the Restaurant Landscape in the Detroit Metropolitan Area: Travel Behavior and Spatial Patterns of Difference”

Fung, Cadi – “Spaces of Conflict and Conservation: Shifting Relations between Humans and the Amazon River Dolphin in Brazil”

Kadhim, Ameen – “Measuring and Modeling the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Near-Coastal Riverine Regions: A Geospatial Comparison of the Shatt Al-Arab River in southern Iraq with the Mississippi River Delta in southern Louisiana, USA”

Vertalka, Joshua – “The Augmentation, Potential, and Practicality of Twitter Data in Predicting Influenza Emergency Room Admissions”

Zhou, Peiling – “Physical Activity of Older People, Therapeutic Landscapes and Public Spaces in Urban China”


Edwards, Janelle – “…To Do Credit to my Nation, Wherever I Go”: West Indian and Cape Verdean Immigrants in Southeastern New England, 1890 to 1940”

Jackson, Ronald – “African American Athletes, Actors, Singers, Performers and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1948-1994”

Kalbach, Harrison – “Historical Scientific Displays During the German Empire: The Role of Science, National Identity, and Bourgeois Culture in the Growth of the History of Science as a Discipline”

Liu, Shaonan – “The Chinese Are Coming: A History of Chinese Migrants in Nigeria”

Mercier, Sebastian – “’The Whole Furshlugginer Operation’: The Jewish Comic Book Industry, 1933-1954”

Milstead, John – “Afro-Mexicans and the Making of Modern Mexico: Race and Class in Jamiltepec, Oaxaca, 1810-1910”

Mizoguchi, So – “Schooling for Democracy?: The Cultural Diplomacy of Education in Okinawa, 1945-1972”

Pratt, Carolyn – “Type C: Stigma, Race, and Gender in the Search for a Carcinogenic Personality”

Tyrey, Adrienne – “Divide and School: Berber Education in Morocco from the Protectorate to the Present”

Human Development & Family Studies

Barabe, Teresa-Jo – “Rural Parents: Their Experiences and Needs as Sex Educators”

Lofton, Heather – “Exploring the risk and protective factors for Depression among African American Professional Women”

Sankar, Sudha – “Role of Salient Cultural Discourses and Socialization Experiences on South Asian Women’s Agency in Intimate and Sexual Relationships”

Senehi, Neda – “Effects of Maternal Regulatory Attempts and Mind-Mindedness on Toddlers’ Self-Regulation”

Wallace-Bechard, Camaya – “Financial behaviors among Afro-Caribbean immigrant mothers: Experience with mainstream and alternative banking systems”

Wang, Wen – “Cultural Variations in Socializing Young Children’s Mastery Motivation: A Comparison Between European-, African-, and Hispanic-American Families”

Yoon, Junghee – “Sense of purpose, tridimensional acculturation, and long term adjustment over the fifteen years of U.S. resettlement among unaccompanied South Sudanese refugee youth”

Political Science

Hansen, Daniel – “Financial Vulnerability: How Exposure to the World Economy Influences Debt Sustainability and Respect for Human Rights”

Isaac, William – “Human in the Loop: The Role of Individual and Institutional Behavior on Predictive Algorithms”.

Kraitzman, Alon – “Public Support Beyond Policy Outcomes: The Effects of Governments’ Characteristics on Prime Ministers’ Popularity Ratings”

Penar, Peter – “My Brother’s Keeper? The Effects of African Regional Organization on Election Quality”

Scott, Jamil – “Ambition Is Not Enough: Explaining Candidate Emergence in State Level Politics”

Snyder, Jacob – “Leisure and its Challenge to Liberalism”


Bhatia, Sarena – “Applicant Reactions to Game-Based Assessments: The Effect of Flow, Fairness, and Fit”

Brummet, Jennifer – “Sex Differences in the Mouse Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus”

Chatterjee, Deepshikha – “Identity Management as a Goal-Oriented Response to Stigma Communication at Work: A Self-Regulatory Perspective”

Chong, SinHui – Thriving on Virtue or Vice? Interpersonal Citizenship and Incivility as Restorative Mechanisms for Daily Goal-Related Self-Esteem and Emotional Impairments”

Garcia, Antonia – “Intimate Partner Violence and Risk for Psychopathology: The Role of Emotion Reactivity and Emotion Regulation.”

Golden, Simon – “Testing a Dual Modes Reconceptualization of Behavioral Change in the Social Media Context”

King, Danielle – “Keep your eyes on the prize: Cognitive and affective linkages to Resilience behavior in work goal pursuit”

Lo, Sharon – “Validating Neural Markers of Effortful Control in Young Children”

McAlindon, Kathryn – “Community Design Charrettes: Understanding Approaches to Innovative Interdisciplinary Problem Solving”

OConnor, Shannon – “Elucidating Factors Underlying Parent-Offspring Similarity in Eating Pathology in Pre-puberty: Exploring the Possibility of Passive Gene-Environment Correlation”

Pickard, Katherine – “Using a Research-Community Partnership and Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Understand the Fit of an Evidence-Based, Parent-Mediated Intervention for ASD in the Medicaid System”

Schroder, Hans – “Malleability Beliefs of Anxiety: Impact on Treatment Preferences and Emotion Regulation”

Webb, Jessica – “A Longitudinal Investigation of Resource Gain and Loss in an Adaptation Context”


Bista, Shikha – “Investigating the Association of Perceived Discrimination and Psychological Distress Among Asian Americans and within three Asian American Subgroups: What is the role of Social Context Variables?”

Denny, Riva – “A Cross Scale Examination of How Knowledge and the Physical Environment Influence the Use of Conservation Practices in US Commodity Agriculture”

Houser, Matthew – “Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in the Context of the Midwestern Corn Agro-Ecological System: An Environmental Sociological Analysis”

Shen, Shannon – “Make a Little Love? Chronic Disease and Sexuality among Older Adults”

Planning, Design, & Construction

Park, Hogeun – “Urban Transformation in Transitional Economies: Lessons from the Mongolian Plateau”

Ruemenapp, Marie – “Factors Influencing Delivery of Cooperative Extension Service Programs to Urban Audiences”

Salmistu, Sirle – “The Theory and Practice of Contemporary Place related Concepts in Urban Planning”